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The Reef-World Foundation have been designated by United Nations Environment Programme the Regional Coordinators of the Green Fins project operating in six countries aroud the world. Read the latest on the teams progress here.


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| What is it? |

Green Fins is an innovative conservation initiative, working with dive centres to address threats to coral reef biodiversity.

Dive Operators join the project for free and agree to abide by the Green Fins 15 Code of Conduct points. Diving operators are uniquely positioned to act within their own industry and among customers to effect positive change by establishing a network of educated divers through training in the the Green Fins Code of Conduct, a set of standards for environmentally sustainable scuba diving tourism activities. Dive centres operating in accordance with the Code of Conduct are offered “green” certificates once they have undergone their annual Green Fins Assessment. Green Fins promotes good reef health by reducing the impact of diving. It can also be economically beneficial for dive centres, by increasing their attractiveness to tourists and operators who prefer environmentally responsible options.

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Green Fins provides a practical framework for implementing environmentally friendly practices and a robust management and assessment system to monitor success and apply lessons learned through the Reef-World GEARS system. Participating dive centres are also trained to provide information to and collaborate with research institutions as well as government/management agencies, and to conduct public awareness campaigns. Green Fins is run autonomously in each country, by the government department responsible for the caring of the seas, coasts or the stakeholders that operate within it. You can read about these National Teams that manage Green Fins on a national scale on the Official Green Fins website.

Green Fins uses dive centres and their customers are an effective tool to raise awareness and educate people about the threats posed to coral reef ecosystems and how to help reduce these. Green Fins Dive Centres display environmental materials for their customers to see and are obligated to carry out underwater clean ups and coral reef monitoring. Green Fins provides them with the materials, training and advice to facilitate this.

| Mission Statement |

"To protect and conserve coral reefs by establishing and implementing environmentally friendly guidelines to promote a sustainable diving and snorkelling tourism industry."

| History |

Reef-World assisted in Thailand in the early years by carrying out assessments of participating dive operators and by implementing training for the Reef Watch reef monitoring method used by Green Fins. The Green Fins Team conducts training in best environmental practice with dive staff, and environmental assessments of dive operations to see how well they are implementing the Code of Conduct. Following this, dive and snorkel business managers are given advice and support to help them improve their environmental practices. Reef-World developed the current website and the online Code of Conduct assessment system that helps members improve their environmental practices by providing a benchmark and guidelines for each Code of Conduct item. This website willl be updated in 2013 to better reflect the activities that are happening around the globe.

| Green Fins Across the Region |

Green Fins has been implemented across the SE Asia region under the UNEP Regional Seas Programme, with the COBSEA Secretariat based in Bangkok. The participating countries are Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Maldives, Philippines and Vietnam. They are each managed autonomously but supported at a regional level through the Reef-World Foundation. More information on each of the countries can be found at

It is Reef-World’s vision to give all dive operators across the region the opportunity to be involved in Green Fins. To find out more about how the Reef-World team out in South East Asia are doing with the Green Fins project please see our latest news.

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