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October 2011 | Reef-World head back out to Asia

The Reef-World have headed back out to the Philippines to support the govenment in its expansion of the Green Fins project. This year will see the project expand to new locations, expected to be the central visayas, a popular diving destination of the Philippines.

Location: RW Asia HG, Puerto Galera, Philippines


July 2011 | Text donating

The Reef-World are now associated with JustTextgiving, allowing people to donate to us in the easiest way possible, using your mobile phone. The money that is raised from this will go directly to a special fund that we will use to support country teams in their management of the Green Fins project. This means we can say that with the help of the British public we can produce education posters, create awareness campaign flyers and even purchase bins for local communities close to the shore that are willing to help tackle local problems.

If you would like to donate just text:

REEF 44 £5 to 70070.

If you would like to change the amount to donate then you can donate either £1,£2,£3,£4,£5 or even £10. Go to our donate page to learn more and thank you in advance.

Location: RW HQ, Wales, UK


April 2011 | Support from Scubazoo

The Reef-World Team are involved in many presentations and talks to not only the many dive centres involved with Green Fins but also staff members of various governments in SE Asia, symposiums and the international marine conservation community in general. Scubazoo, based in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia are one of the world’s leading underwater filming and photography companies. In 2007 they released their impressive book titled Reef that came with a DVD of some of the stunning work they have been involved with over the many years. Now thanks to Scubazoo, they have allowed Reef-World to use this awe inspiring film during their presentations as well as some of their quality pictures. If you want to know more about Scubazoo then visit their website here. Thanks guys, much appreciated!

Location: RW HQ, Wales, UK


February 2011 | Green Fins expans in the Philippines

Green Fins has now been launched in a second location in the Philippines marked by the Green Fins Orientation and Training Workshop held at Outrigger Resort in Anilao, Mabini on the 25th February. The Green Fins Philippines Network Leader, Gerry Reyes from the PCSSD introduced the project to the local dive community and the event was sponsored by the DENR-EMB. So we would like to welcome our new members and we look forward to helping you to implement the Code of Conduct in your business.

Location: Anilao, Mabini, Philippines


February 2011 | Meeting more Dive Centres in Sabang, Puerto Galera:

친환경 다이빙 규칙

Following the success and at the request of some dive centres, Reef-World held another introduction and Green Fins orientation presentation with the dive shops but specifically for those which are Korean owned or those that cater mainly for Korean Tourists – which makes up about 10 dive centres in the Sabang area. To help with any language barriers we enlisted the help of a Korean member of staff at the United Nations Environment Programme in Bangkok to translate the core Green Fins materials. It is Reef-World’s vision to make the Green Fins project accessible to all dive centres in the Region.

The meeting was held on Feb 10th at 7.00pm at Red Sun Dive Resort gathering everyone around the projector right next to the beach. The meeting provided an opportunity for the dive centres to find out about Green Fins, membership and how to follow the Code of Conduct, but also allowed both parties to better understand the needs and problems of dive centres operating in and around the Sabang area.

It was clear after the meeting that there is a passion to conserve the environment from the dive centre’s side but with many concerns over the practicalities. Unfortunately only 4 dive centres participated. However, the representatives from Red Sun Diving Resort, Blue Water Diving, Paradise Dive Resort and Sea Queen joined the Green Fins project pledging to follow the code of conduct and aspire towards having only a positive impact on the marine environment.

Reef-World would like to thank Mr Kim from Red Sun Diving Resort for providing the venue, the projector and some drinks for the audience.

Location: White Beach, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines


February 2011 | Green Fins - Beach, Community and Reef Cleanup on White Beach, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

The Reef-World Foundation, supported by many partners and friends, held a Clean Up Event last Wednesday on the 2nd February 2011 on White Beach in Puerto Galera, a popular diving destination in the Philippines.

The event was managed by Reef-World, sponsored by Marco Vincent Dive Resort and supported by Guli Divers – two new Green Fins Dive Centres. Clean Up events are incredibly effective at firstly removing damaging litter from the natural environment, but also to raise awareness of the negative impact litter can have on marine life.The Reef-World staff held a training session with the participating dive centre staff the night before the event to let people know how best to collect rubbish without damaging the environment and how plastic can harm marine life, such as plastic bags being ingested by marine turtles and cetaceans which will ultimately kill them.

The event was also hugely supported by the Local Government Unit with the Barangay (Village) Captain and the SIBROA, San Isidro Beach Resort Owners Association helping to promote the event and encourage the participation of the local community and make sure the rubbish was collected and removed responsibly. This included the various Associations including the Banka (Boat) crews, The Vendors Association and the local Beach Masseuse Association as well as representatives from The Puerto Galera Municipal Employees Cooperative known as PGMECO, came along and got their hands dirty.

Please go here for more pictures on our new Flickr account.

Over 80 people gathered on the beach during the cool morning hours and worked hard to remove rubbish from along the beach and in the surrounding village. A big effort was made to explain how this will have a positive impact on the local environment, and the implications this will have on the livelihoods of the local people. A group of 9 divers from Marco Vincent Divers and Guli Divers then cleaned up a local reef which catches a lot of rubbish being washed out of a river close by.

The stakes were raised as 1,000 pesos was awarded to the participant who managed to guess what the total weight of rubbish collected from land over the course of the day was. The final weight was 340.25 kg (including the underwater cleanup) and the prize money was awarded to Ms. Venancia Viena from the PGMECO. At the end of the day all the rubbish was moved to the back of the beach and was then collected by the rubbish truck from SIBROA to be disposed of responsibly.

Reef-World would like to especially thank, Captain Genaro S. (Ohrie) Bunquin from Barangay Isidro, Marlon G. Albo from Marco Vincent Diver Resort, Lisa from Guli Divers, Joel from the SIBROA and Erwin from Leynlies Beach Resort and all the Associations and the general public for all their help and support.

Please go here for more pictures on our new Flickr account.

Location: White Beach, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines


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