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Festive email Banners

Do you spend all Christmas writing the same old Christmas cards to your friends, family, colleagues and clients, worrying about who you may have forgotten to send one to?
This Christmas the Reef-World Foundation is offering a fantastic paper (and time) saving solution to writing Christmas cards. We have developed two exciting Marine Themed Festive Banners which can be inserted into your email signatures during December in return for a donation to our charity.  

Option 1. Season’s Greetings featuring a False Clownfish

Option 2 . Season’s Greetings featuring a Christmas Tree Worm

The Reef-World Foundation works closely with governments, local communities, the SCUBA diving industry and international organisations to encourage the sustainable and wise use of coral reefs.  If you are looking to make a wide reaching statement about your company’s environmental and social commitment then we are the ideal charity to support this Christmas.

The following donations are recommended, depending on the number of Christmas cards your company would normally send:

Number of Cards

Recommended Donation (GBP)

Recommended Donation (USD)













To become involved in our Marine Themed Festive Banner Campaign please send an email to and let us know which banner your company would like to display and what donation bracket you fit into. You can make your donation through our charity checkout page by clicking here:

Donate Now

We’ll then get back to you with confirmation of your donation, your Marine Themed Festive Banner and a guide to inserting the banner into your email signature! If you would like any more information aboutour work or our Festive Banners please do not hesitate to contact us at

Why Donate?

100% of the funds donated to The Reef-World Foundation go straight toward supporting our work and helping to protect and conserve coral reefs in the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Maldives.

Our seas and oceans are in a critical state and coral reefs are in particular trouble, with 19% of coral reefs having already disappeared. In Asia the situation is critical with over 40% of reefs beyond recovery (GCRMN Report, 2008).

Coral reefs support more biodiversity than any other ecosystem and millions of people rely on them directly for food and indirectly for livelihood security, coastal protection and climate change mitigation. Protecting coral reefs is vital to maintaining the valuable ecosystem services they provide, not only to their adjacent population, but to all of us as we rely on a healthy ocean to reduce the effects of climate change and for the air we breathe.


Online – Simply click ‘Donate Now’ and you will be directed to our Charity Checkout page where you can choose the amount and how often you would like to donate.  

Gift Aid - As we are a registered charity in the UK, anyone who is a UK taxpayer wishing to donate can add Gift Aid and our government will add up to 25%.

Donate Now

If you have any questions or suggestions – we’d love to hear from you at

Our staff receive very little financial support for the enormous amount of work they do. This is a non-profit organisation. The marine environment is the only thing that benefits from your funds.

Case Study

Mujuworld donated £50 to The Reef-World Foundation from the sales of their 'Coral Guardians.'

This money funded a large scale beach clean and a local outreach project.

The beach clean-up involved 205 participants and was conducted at ten sites in the Philippines. In total they removed a whopping 953.5kgs of trash from the beaches.

The local outreach project followed on from the beach clean-up and educated 70 children about the impacts of trash on the marine environment as well as developing their marine species identification and monitoring skills through home-made educational games, challenges and group discussions.

The day was a HUGE success on a SMALL budget!

Imagine what we could do with your donation.

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