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Why Donate?

This charity is entirely supported by funds raised by the public and through small donations from other organisations. We use these funds in the most efficient manner possible.

100% of funds raised go to supporting our work and helping to protect and conserve coral reefs in the countries we work in.

Our seas and oceans are in a critical state. The world’s coral reefs have declined vastly with Asia losing 40% of its reefs and globally 19% of coral reefs have gone! *

Humans rely on coral reefs for food and livelihood security. They are important sources of medical research and support the largest known biodiversity of anywhere on earth. They help protect coasts from storm waves, support other ecosystems themselves and help to absorb CO2 a well known greenhouse gas. They are the only animal that can be seen from space and it is quickly disappearing.

Your donations go directly towards the running costs of the R-W. This includes travel costs to work with important decision makers ranging from influential community leaders, members of governments and international organisations.

*Source: 2008 Status of Coral Reefs of the World, GCRMN, supported by ICRI, UNEP


Donate Now

Cheques | We welcome any cheques that you would like to send to us. Please send to the address below and make all cheques payable to The Reef-World Foundation.

Online banking | Simply log into your usual account and send a donation through the wonders of the internet. Nice. Need our account details? Then e-mail us.

Gift Aid | As we are a registered charity in the UK, anyone who is a UK taxpayer wishing to donate can add Gift Aid and our government will add 25%.


Our staff receive very little financial support for the enormous amount of work they do. This is a non-profit organisation. The marine environment is the only thing that benefits from your funds.



Donate Now


Sponsor-A-Reef | For £15 (additional costs outside the UK for P&P) you can sponsor a coral reef in any country. Just tell us which one!

What this means is that you will receive a signed certificate as recognition of your donation to the R-W and the £15 will go directly into conservation activities.

Please go to our Sponsor-a-Reef page and follow the instructions.

Sponsor-a-Reef and 4 Underwater PhotographsFor donating £20 you can receive A Sponsor a Reef certificate like above and 4 large prints from professional diving photographer Sunphol Sorakul.

You can choose a set from either Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines or the new Sharks set where the Green Fins project is active in SE Asia. All our prints are high quality gloss paper and are 9"x6" in size... big!

Perfect for framing and putting up around your house or even as a gift. Please click here to choose your country/pictures, then send us an e-mail of your choice and how you would like to donate. Easy.





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