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Testimonials - Feedback from our happy clients and friends


Here is a selection of the many compliments we often get from people we have worked with. Thank you to all of you so far.


“I always knew it was bad to throw our rubbish in the seas but never really understood why. After your (Reef-World’s) presentation I really understand how plastic hurts our marine life and I will now tell my family, friends and customers.”

Quote from Estefans Taiwilan, a dive guide, November 2009, Manado, Indonesia


" Chloe was always my first point of contact on any matters to do with GFs or marine conservation in general and always provided appropriate feedback and suggestions. Further to this she co-ordinated with us on a number of larger scale underwater clean-up projects, and grass roots education in the local island school, including offering us brochures, posters etc., already translated into Thai. She offered advice readily, and all communication was promptly dealt with. She further encouraged us to take our ideas to appropriate bodies and organisations.All staff found her to be clear, concise, approachable, encouraging and fun."

Reference from Kim McMenemy,Manager of a Dive Centre, September 2010, Thailand


" Chloe can work within and coordinate a team with sensitivity and efficiency. Her experience working in different countries with various groups of people has made her very flexible and open.

Chloe and James began their work to expand the Green Fins Network in Indonesia by meeting the relevant stakeholders and they used the information gained to adapt strategies to ensure the best method for project implementation was adopted. They were enthusiastic to communicate lessons learnt and better practice from their work as Regional Coordinators...

It would be very beneficial to the marine environment and the sustainability of the diving tourism industry of the Philippines if The Reef-World Foundation can be funded to assist the Government to introduce the Green Fins Programme. I highly recommend Chloe and The Reef-World Foundation."

Reference from Estradiviri , Decemeber 2010, Jakarta, Indonesia


"...they are from The Reef-World Foundation and are the moving engine behind the Green Fins Programme""

"Dr. Ellik Adler, Secretariat for COBSEA, UNEP, Planning meeting, Bangkok, Thailand 9th Dec 2010


“This information you’re giving me is now giving me more of an idea of what I should do and how to organise it.
GFs is the soft approach to let people know what is wrong.
When talking about how the diving industry can improve their environmental practices and how they can help marine conservation …

There’s a lot we (the Philippine Government) needs to do too, GFs is creating a partnership really”

Director Gerry Reyes (Director of PCSSD) Orientation workshop and training for the Philippines National Team 13th – 15th Dec, 2010


"Hi Chloe & JJ,

You got my e mail right. Thank you very much for the reminders. Your attached report and messages even gave me better understanding on what we've done in Puerto Galera.

Thanks for the chance and experienced working with you guys and looking forward for more Green Fins activities.

Merry Christmas too."


Trained Green Fins Assessor, DENR, Philippines


"ah yes I understand, the rubbish I throw outside my house will also end up in the sea which is bad for the fish, let me go and collect it now"

Quote from a local beach Masseuse during a beach clean up, Puerto Galera, Philippines, February 2011


“I found the presentation extremely useful – we are having a problem dealing with our kitchen waste at the moment. After the information you have given me about the negative impacts of fish feeding I can inform all the people at the next meeting why we shouldn’t do this, and I certainly will not be doing it now”.

Quote from the Front Desk Manager after a training presentation, Puerto Galera, Philippines March 2011


Dear Chloe and JJ,

"Great to catch up with you guys too and get my head round it all properly.

I can't tell you how much I admire what you guys are doing and am so impressed with how you have gone about such a hard and thankless task to get it to the point where it looks like it has a really strong, better funded future! You must be pleased...

e-mail from Alex Narracott, co-founder of Much Better Adventure, July 2011


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